Sunday, March 29, 2020

Southern Life B

Bath time for the inimitable Aria

Beach walk at Fish Hoek

A street in Bo Kaap

 Cool nameplate

Caleb Young and his fan club

 Intricate ceramic work in the neighborhood

Kalk Bay Expresso, a 1904 train car

At the flea market on the beach, a very interesting place

 Kalk Bay ladies' shop

Gloria and Connie at home

Under the overpass  bedroom of some homeless

Pretty bouganvillea

Looking out the office window to the back yard

Manenberg township street meeting

Gorgeous view of Muizenberg from Boyes Drive

 Exchanging jokes from the Internet at the Collins' house
Pastor Louie on my last Sunday there

Looking down from Boyes Drive

Surfer's Fellowship

"Howl I get along without you to pet me??"

 Quick, WiFi is on!

Berwick and Aria amiably sharing a  bed

 The lovely nearby Marina de Gama, where all the houses have to be white

Lovely bouganvillea  gracing the wall

Oh no, a serpent/crocodile in paradise!

Kalky's, the very popular fish and chips eatery. Not to mention samoosas, one of which turned up in my jacket pocket at the airport.

And the seagulls lurking to steal food

 Lexi?? THAT'S where Grace's dog Lexi went when she left us?

 "Seals are extremely dangerous wildlife. It is illegal to go near them." Ha, who wants to anyway?

A view of the few little planes at Atlanta's Jackson-Hartsfield Airport

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