Friday, October 2, 2020


                                        What else to start the post with--a jailhouse. For rent.

Almost dinnertime at Grammy's

                                    Keeping balanced  by a few minutes of outdoor play

Would this be a case of "Oh, pear"? Pun intended.

    More pear picking, with help

                                     "She has followed us to The Goldenrod??"

                                         Towels for sale, with a little smart-mouthing

                                                            York Beach, where I lost my purse

                                            Walked this stretch twice, looking for the purse.

                                                            The famous Nubble Light

                                             Looking the other direction from the lighthouse

                The farm dog who brought me his frisbee, then deemed me not worthy to throw it for him

                                                            Raspberry picking time

                Let's be selective in choosing our autumn decorations. Gotta see them up close.

                                                                The neighborhood hike

        Further along the trail. A flock of turkeys ran by, heads down, like they had guilty consciences.

                                                The men of the family come to meet us.

                                                        Where church meets currently

                                                                   I blend right in.

                            The birthday girl opening her presents. Her husband is also present. :-)

                                                "Come on, Daddy. I know you can do it."

                                    "Here we are again. Slave labor. Blueberry picking this time."

                                                                    "I'm TALL."

                                                              Postcard scenery in Limerick

           The showdown-- Checking to see if Clarity's biceps are the size of Daddy's and Grandpa's

                                            The inimitable Bella, after a hard day'

                                                                Relaxing on the river

                                            Might as well get some family photos

                                                                    Looking good

The kayak we circled Treasure Island in

Beautiful day for kayaking


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