Friday, April 3, 2015

Pancit, anyone?

When I flew up to Indiana, airports were having weather problems, and I thought I could easily miss my next flights, because of the slowness of the de-icing of the planes. But no flights were missed the whole trip, thank the Lord.
But it was warm enough within the gate.
Sure looks cold down there.

Lyn waiting with the luggage in Chicago.

Finally in the Philippines--Cebu

We begin our sightseeing/history lessons.

That's the unfortunate Magellan in the bottom painting.

Now would be a good time for a nice, cool dip. But how to get over the fence?

Joseph asked the cab driver to take us to Heritage of Cebu--right in the middle of the street; but the cabbie was unfamiliar with it, huge though it was.

A Taoist temple

The temple overlooks a wealthy community named Hollywood. Lyn is in the foreground.

A woman can never have too many shoes, right? But kudos to us--we didn't buy any.

Is that a Hindu with his turban? Oh, no, it's a basketball.
Jeepneys, jeepneys everywhere.

Skyscrapers do exist on the islands.

Umbrellas protect from the fierce heat.

Dinner on a banana leaf.

Divine Mercy

Lovely countryside, the sea in the background

And beautiful blooms

Coming back home to the barangay

The family car

Students reading Living Waters tracts in the mall

I was glad I wasn't a telephone lineman over there!

Feast time.

Looking toward a neighborhood from our hotel.

Another family car

Scoping out the tourists

Our cheerful hostess, Effie, finds a way to even out the heights.

Can you see him in the tree? He tossed down several coconuts for us.

At the free family resort

Is that tree gorgeous, or what?

The pool was great for cooling off, except it was beginning to rain, and I didn't want to get wet. :-)

Hope the truck misses the potholes. I see no seatbelts.

Leaving Camiguin Island on an outrigger for the tiny White Island

A blue starfish in the water. They can reproduce asexually, as well as virtually any part of their body, if broken off, can become another starfish.

Wendy and Allen demonstrate their ability to frame.

A waterfall near a rockslide

Ah, the perfect bloom.

Three boys diving for coins. Yep, I succumbed and tossed a few coins. They were very good at it.

You can walk the perimeter of White Island in around fifteen minutes. It has no plants on it whatsoever.

Pilgrim Christian, much prettier than most schools over here. True of other schools I saw there, too.

Guess the specialty of this restaurant?

Get a load of this! Our cabbie was very amused by my taking this pic.

Ah, finally vegetables! Eggplant, okra, butternut squash, onions, and green beans. Oh, and some shrimp.

The popular halo halo. Yes, those are beans in with the sherbet.

Faith Baptist Church. The kindergartners were graduating, as I recall.

Typical jeepney--colorful and cheerful-looking

Saying goodbye at the airport to Lyn's family.

Beginning the journey home

I loved the uniforms of the airport employees, the girls, anyway.

This is where we spent the night in the Hong Kong airport. Since the security area was closed, we were stuck on this floor, as the United desk was closed for the night. So we tried to get warm enough to sleep.

This was our best glimpse of China.

14+ hours later, Chicago comes into view for final descent.

Rice paddies. "The harvest is plenteous, but the laborers are few." Time is running out. Storms are coming.