Thursday, May 16, 2019

Maine event

 Charlotte diminishing by the second

 Portland airport

 "We can spy out the enemy from these fortifications."

The lighthouse that took traversing a long, rock passage.
 "I love my Ariel. And I get along with Pippin, lying on his bed."

 The whole world in butterflies.

 "And cyber thieves can't penetrate this purse, 'cause it is protected."

 Doing the marginal Way Walk. Charming passersby.

 Posing with Lenny, the largest chocolate moose in the world.

 At the beautiful cemetery where we walked and took pictures.

 Unfortunately, we weren't there at the right time to go in.

It was a family affair to walk for life.
 Talk about scenic.

 It was a cold day at the cabin!

Another family outing.

 "Paparazzi everywhere wanting my picture."

 Come sit down a spell and listen to the animals.

 The moose were my favorite, thanks to the moose whisperer with us.

 Uber daddy.

 "Now let me give you a little advice on how to win this here game."
The scenic lighthouse walk en route to the airport. With a cold, cold wind. But fun!

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  1. I LOVE these pictures! Welcome back to blogging...such worthy subjects. You've been a bunch of Maine places I've never been. Never met Lenny, or the real moose, and I'm not even sure about the Portland Light! But Clarity and Evangel and PEOPLE are the Maine attraction.