Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jek and Louise's Wedding

 The lovely bridesmaids--well, some of them--and the radiant bride.

 Four family members, trying not to look frozen.

 "Whew! Done with those photographs. It's almost time for the ceremony."

 "We'd better walk fast."

 Putting the finishing touches on the bride's cake.

 A fish eye view of the reception preparations.

 A couple of celebs who dropped in.  Or maybe just the brother and aunt of the bride.

 The "auditorium" with the Dallas skyline in the distance. And is that a rainbow? Or just the sun.

 "Thirteen minutes and twenty-nine and a half seconds 'till she's mine!"

 So nobody will mix up the pink room and blue rooms.

 Last details on the stage.

 "It's stressful being the best-looking man at the wedding. Always have to look around me for paparazzi."

 Is that mommy offering a monetary enticement to the littlest flower girl?

 Here comes the beautiful bride..............................

 "Oh well, I didn't need all that veiling, anyway. Just keep it out of the lake, please."

 "My beloved is mine, and I am his."
The couple's love for the Lord and desire to serve Him was spoken of by several.
And their love for each other!

 "Here, honey, this shawl will warm you up a little until Jek can take over at keeping you warm."

 "They're man and wife. To the inside where it's warm!!" 
But the temperatures notwithstanding, there was a lot of laughter at this wedding.

Let me at that second table with all the Filipino food.  (The author :-D)

 The finished bride and groom's cakes. Tastefully done.

 The table of honor (my table) with the happy couple. I can almost smell those flowers still.

 THE PROPOSAL caught on video.

 The Shoe Game. Louise knows her answer, but Jek is treading carefully.

Oh, look at little Jek. Is he cute, or what?
 But not as cute as Louisie on top of Chimney Rock.

 "Jekris Certeza!!"

"We did it!"
Jek and Louise, may the Lord greatly bless your union,
 and use it to build His Kingdom for eternity in a wondrous way!
We love you!

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  1. Aunt Joy! Thank you so much for coming to our wedding and taking fun pictures! You keep blessing my heart! I love you guys, too! Thank you for your prayers.